A complete lung examination consists of perfusion scintigraphy (assessment of pulmonary arterial flow) and a ventilation scintigram (assessment of the bronchopulmonary distribution of an inhaled aerosol)

Examination duration: approx. 1 hour


Examination types

  • Lung perfusion scintigraphy
  • Aerosol ventilation scintigraphy

Examination procedure

Perfusion scintigraphy is done first. A small number of radioactively marked albumin particles (protein) are injected, which spread through the lung parenchyma, thus allowing an assessment of lung perfusion.

Then ventilation scintigraphy is performed; this requires that

the patient inhale a radioactively marked aerosol (fine mist), which shows the ventilation of the lungs. Both images are compared when drawing up the findings.


Patient preparation

No special preparation required.